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Convert Youtube videos to mp3 & mp4 in 3 easy steps:

  • STEP 1: use search box above to find video on Youtube
  • STEP 2: click on any thumbnail to show download options
  • STEP 3: now select mp4 or mp3 format and convert video
  • Convert2 helps convert & download online videos

    It's not a secret there are dozens of online resources that help you download and convert online videos. So does Convert2. What's the difference? Why should you forget about your favorite Youtube to mp3 converter and switch to Convert2? These and many other questions are answered below.

    Well, there are many reasons, such as Youtube search and playlist download being standard features. Or maybe top 20 most popular music videos will tickle your fancy? Switch to a different language to see a different top 20 popular videos just for the countries with that language. Isn't that a nice one? And finally, how about no redirects? No popups. No ads. Clean site, dark design to make it easy on the eyes, everything for those who don't sleep at night.. There's also web app and shortcut for quick access. What website can boast such rich panel of features? None of them can. Except Convert2 (the one you are on right now).

    Online video converter for 900+ websites & networks

    Convert2 is an excellent Youtube converter. It can help you download mp3 or mp4 from Youtube video page with just a few clicks. But that's not all. Convert2 is an avid online video converter. All that's needed is the video page URL. It can be easily copied from the browser address bar (on mobile tap the address bar and hit copy icon) or via the share button-link that all videos have these days (in the following menu simply find and tap Copy Link option). With URL in mind, open Convert2 & paste video link into the white box (mobile tap and hold the box, select paste icon from the menu that opens up). Now hit the red GO button and wait for download options to load up. Select the one you like and download mp4, some videos may require wait period for the downloader mechanism to put them together from 2 or more pieces. That's all really.

    Convert2 doesn't stop there, oh no. Here you can convert videos from many sources to mp3, including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Where other websites will give you m3u8 list of video segments, Convert2 will go even deeper to deliver the actual video. Where there's audio track available, Conver2 will let you know and offer download link. Convert2 just does more than any other website. And that's why you should switch and drop your current favorite Youtube to mp3 converter like it's never been hot and won't be.. A little unclear on the palambra.. In any case, hafe fun!

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    Install is a bit too much to say, but yes, we have our own web app called Convert2. Hit the button above to install Convert2 website as web-based app on your device. It works best with Chrome, Opera or Edge browsers on Android and Windows devices, including desktop PC. Check it out, your Android smartphone will report this app as installed from Google Play store, so it's all legit. Simply website wrapped as app package. It doesn't need updates, it doesn't take any room on your device, and it works as good as this website does, so we highly recommend you install this app.

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    If installing the app is too much commitment, try simply browser bookmarklet (shortcut). It's not a usual bookmark in a sense, it's more of a tiny app that resides in the bookmark. There's a bit of javascript code include. Try drag and drop this button into your bookmarks and then open any Youtube video and hit that bookmark. You will see how you're back here all of a sudden and video URL is already in the search box, video info being scanned for download links. This is simply a trick to skip the video page URL copy-paste process. It's save and sound.